Christopher Sakoschek

Freelance Private chef (Germany)
Christopher Sakoschek

Interesting facts


Type of cuisine:
Modern, classic, varied

Brand ambassador, show cooking, recipe developer, cooking courses, consulting, trade fair presentations

Second place in Chef of the year 2017

“As a freelance private chef, I have learned to be more flexible. In every project I work on, the only thing that counts is the idea that it has to be fun in the end.”
Christopher Sakoschek

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Christopher Sakoschek
Christopher Sakoschek

At the world’s largest food and beverage trade fair Anuga, Sakoschek won second place in the prestigious live competition Chef of the Year 2017. The hearty Austrian has built up an impressive network in the last few years, which he continues to expand at private parties and company events.

Honesty, loyalty and determination characterized the young private chef. He finds inspiration above all in nature, as well as at markets and in cookbooks. He likes to use untypical ingredients such as offal and old sorts of vegetables. A respectful handling of food and equipment is important to him. He always stays true to his style and combines classic products and techniques from home and abroad with modern elements.

Due to his many years of experience for various customers, Sakoschek can offer his guests a wide range of dishes: pasta, bread or even excellent star cuisine. As a young sommelier he also is able to find the right wine pairing.

In order to inspire his clients with fresh creations, the top chef is constantly travelling the globe.

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