Íñigo Pérez

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Type of cuisine:
Current Basque cuisine, based on the best, raw ingredients

Brand ambassadors, Recipe developer, Showcooking, Tv, Book author, Speaker

– 1 Repsol Sol
– Best Chef of the Year in Spain 2018

“You can be a better or worse chef, but NEVER a forgetful one, and a forgetful chef is the one who does not taste things before taking them out to the dining room, you have to ALWAYS taste what you do.”
Iñigo Pérez

The prizes are small caresses that allow you to see that you are on the right track but, professionally, what fills Íñigo is that his customers come back and feel at home in his restaurants.
Ayer & Hoy

Íñigo Pérez Pérez de leceta, was born in Villareal de Urrechu (Urretxu) Guipuzcoa on 08-22-1970. He started cooking in 1987, with the help of Martín Berasategui, with whom he learned everything he knows today, but above all, he learned the passion for cooking.

In 2002 he got what was his life’s dream, to have his own restaurant, “Urrechu”. But in addition to the kitchens, he is also a great communicator and has written his own cookbooks, has collaborated on radio shows, magazines and on television shows.