Mike Kainz

Restaurant Lakeside* (Hamburg / Germany)
Mike Kainz

Interesting facts


Type of cuisine:
Modern, bold, unusual

Brand ambassador, show cooking, influencer, TV

Pastry chef of the year 2017

“A good patissier always finds a way to the goal.”
Mike Kainz

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Mike Kainz
Mike Kainz

“You can clearly see that Mike Kainz’s desserts are based on first-class craftsmanship. Internationally experienced and hungry for further education, Kainz combines fruit, cereals, chocolate and other ingredients without losing sight of the big picture.”
Wolfgang Fassbender

Mike Kainz is a young rising star in the German patisserie world. At the age of only 23 years, he succeeded in winning the prestigious title Pastry Chef of the Year 2017. With his daring, courageous and nuanced style, he conquered the palates of the jury of experts.

He was apprenticed in Hamburg in the bistro of the renowned chef Karlheinz Hauser. There, Kainz met his teacher Marco D’Andrea, current head patissier at Lakeside*. The dessert artist has worked hard to get where he is. He believes that the way to achieve something is to work hard and challenge yourself in life.

His experiences in Switzerland and the USA have made Kainz appreciate dessert in the kitchen even more than before. For him, dessert rounds off a menu. Therefore he has to refine it as much as possible so that the overall experience does not diminish, because often the last sensation has a strong influence on the general evaluation of a menu.

The apprenticed chef Mike Kainz himself describes his style of cooking as modern, bold and unusual. Thus, his plates often have unusual compositions at first glance, but they create a harmonious composition.

At the luxury hotel The Fontenay in Hamburg, he is the sous chef patissier at the top restaurant Lakeside* where he sweetens the palates of the guests.

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