Miriam Pérez-Cabrero

Healthy recipes developer

Interesting facts


Brand Ambassador, Show-cooking, TV, Influencer, Author

– 5th place in Masterchef Spain 2017

“I’m passionate about everything I do.”
Miriam Pérez-Cabrero

Miri is passionate about everything she does. She studies ADE, but is predominantly an instagramer, promoting her “healthy” vision of gastronomy. She defines herself as a “healthy recipes developer.”

Her dishes are named in English, which she later photographs, so that her recipes will have international reach. From this was born the hashtag #mirisrecipes (#myrecipes), which is a compilation of all her creations.

She participated in MasterChef to get the base she needed to ensure that the healthy cuisine restaurant she planned on opening would be the best.

She is author of the cookery book Las Recetas de Miri, which includes over 90 recipes for a healthy life.

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