Mona Schrader

Jantes** (Germany)
Mona Schrader

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Wine, liquors, and every kind of non-alcoholic beverages

Charismatic and convincing brand ambassador

Mona Schrader

A woman with impressive knowledge of wine, and so much more.

Mona Schrader completed her training at La Fontaine in the Hotel Ludwig im Park, then worked as Demi Chef Sommelière at the renowned 3-star Aqua The Ritz Carlton. Today she is owner, general manager and chef somelière at Jante**, Hanover. She and her partner Tony Hohlfeld opened the restaurant in 2015. In both 2016 and 2020, Jante’s cuisine was awarded a Michelin star.

The amazing thing about Mona Schrader is that she is the perfect hostess, be it in her own restaurant or at large events, with sensitivity she is able to captivate everybody around her. She naturally knows her jargon, but is genuine and down-to-earth in order to meet even the inexperienced at eye level. She manages to stimulate the visual and sensual imagination of each guest in such a way that even a layman will be surprised by his sudden understanding of wine.

Mona Schrader, stands out in the male-dominated industry of the sommelier. Not only because she is a woman. She leads through the evening authentically and humorously and you can feel her passion and enthusiasm in every moment. Also, it is her claim not only to choose a suitable drink and recommend it to a dish, she wants the liquid companion to make the menu perfect.

In the past, hardly imaginable, the profession of the sommelière today has also changed. More and more, non-alcoholic accompaniments to menus are desired. Which brings with it: completely new exciting challenges. But here, too, Mona Schrader has already dealt with the liquid matter and found sparkling alternatives, which she matches perfectly to the menu and to an unforgettable adventure.