Sebastian Kraus

PURS** Restaurant (Andernach - Germany)
Sebastian Kraus

Interesting facts


Type of cuisine:
Handcrafted, light, refreshing

Brand ambassador, Show cooking, Recipe developer, TV

– Patissier of the year 2019

“You never stop learning.”
Sebastian Kraus

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Sebastian Kraus

At the world’s largest food and beverage fair, Anuga in Cologne, the hearty team player won the prestigious title of Patissier of the Year 2019.

Sebastian Kraus completed a dual apprenticeship as a carpenter at the same time as attending school. This also explains his manual dexterity. After his community service, he turned his hobby, the sweet art, into his profession and found his vocation there. He passed the confectioner’s examination in 2011 as the best of his year in Hessen.

After his apprenticeship, he went through several stages in top gastronomy and specialised in desserts. Top pastry chef Benjamin Kunert left his mark on him during his time at Villa Rothschild. In gastronomy, the passionate dessert artist can give free rein to his creativity and thus amaze the palate. Every day in the gastronomy is different for him, because every guest has different demands.

For the ambitious Chef Patissier, a game of sweetness and acidity is immensely important in his creations, as a harmonious combination conjures the necessary lightness onto the plate. He also uses a lot of fruit that is seasonal if possible. He presents the products in such a way that they are recognizable on the plate. He finds inspiration by travelling or using products, their cultivation, origin and traditions. Kraus attaches great importance to reliability and quality. He stands for modern freshness and structured work. The focus is always on taste. Nevertheless, the appearance is important to him, because it’s the first impression.

Sebastian Kraus meets new challenges with enthusiasm. He wants to provide his guests with a taste experience so that they can go home happy. Since August 2018 he is crowning the menus of Christian Eckhardt, a two-star chef from Andernach, with his refined desserts in the restaurant PURS**.

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