Creative photography and gastronomic advice for, hotels, restaurants and food industry manufacturers

Julián Redondo Bueno was qualified as a Senior Technician in Art Photography in 2009 and since then he has always been related to gastronomy. His creativity and knowledge of culinary art is what makes him different.

Specialist in gastronomic photography, portraits and gastronomic events as the “Cook of the Year” in Germany. He has worked for large restaurants such as Central Lima, Aqua Wolfburg, Dstage, Schawarzwaldstube, Nahm Bangkok, Horvath and 5 by Paco Pérez.

What they say about me

“Apart from the quality of his photographs, what makes him special is the atmosphere he creates and how comfortable everyone feels while working with him.”

Koch des Jahres
“Julian has the strength in his eyes and the talent in his fingers to combine the commercial and emotional value of his photography; and complement them artistically. ”