Logan Seibert

959 Heidelberg (Heidelberg / Deutschland)

Interesting facts

Year of Birth:

Style of Kitchen:
Likes to be inspired seasonally and present different textures as much as possible.

Brand Ambassador, Recipe Development, Show Cooking, Testimonial

– Patissier of the year Schlemmeratlas 2020
– Patissier of the year 2021


Logan Seibert is the new star of the patisserie scene – this not without a reason. His perfected craft and his creative style with great attention to detail, let gourmet hearts beating faster.

Born and raised in Alsace, Logan discovered his passion for cooking in his childhood. After his 5-year apprenticeship at the Alexandre Dumas Hotel School in Alsace, he worked in high-class restaurants. During this time, his passion for patisserie was developed and consolidated. He has acquired most of the the craft skills by him self.

In 2017, the opportunity to work as a master sous chef under the example of top patissier Pierre Lingelser in the three-star restaurant and well-known “Schwarzwaldstube” in the “Traube Tonbach” opened up to him. After less than a year, he took resposibility as a chef patissier by himself.

Since 2021, he is working as a chef patissier at the restaurant 959 in Heidelberg, Germany, on the side of top chef Tristan Brandt. Surely, his excellent creations didn’t remain unnoticed by critics of the branch. Accordingly in 2020, he was named as Patissier of the Year by Schlemmer Atlas. Shortly after, he took place on one of the biggest challenges of the sector the live competition Patissier of the Year and secured the title here as well.

He likes to express his creativity in his desserts and loves to be able to develop freely, but still to be precise. For his creations, he likes to be inspired by the seasons and tries to present as many different textures as possible on the plate. He does not only use raw products such as exotic chocolate, but also aromatic herbs, distillates and spirits, which he processes in his own personal way.